About Biton

Biton is one of the seven largest student associations in Utrecht. We are different than other associations on the follow four points:

No obligations
After completing your introduction, and as long as you pay your membership fees, there’s nothing you have to do. There are, however, many things you can do such as clubs, committees and joining a “dispuut”. Besides that, you can learn how to tend a bar, cook (or come over for dinner), hang out in the backyard in the summertime or just join us at the bar whenever and as often you want!

At Biton we treat everyone the same way. All members, from freshmen to board member, are equal. You’ll see this during the introduction and is continued when you’re a member.

LAN-parties, dance parties, Metal nights and open mic nights; Biton has it all! Members are from all walks of life and every kind of major, so there’ll always be someone with whom you can talk about your favorite topics. Our selection of drinks reflects this: we have the largest selection of drinks out of all student associations or clubs out there.

Small scale
Compared to the other six large associations, we’re not very big. Biton has around 300 members which makes it easy to meet new people, and you won’t be lost in the crowd. There’ll always be someone you know waiting for you!

When is Biton opened?

Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday the bar is opened to everyone: Mondays and Saturdays we open at 8:30 PM and on Thursday the day starts at 4 PM. Biton has no set closing time; we’ll stay open as late as we want.

How do I join?
There’s three introduction periods in the year, known as an IK. You can find more information » right here on what you can expect to happen and when they are.

If you want to sign up or get a taste, you can »contact us.